The Refugee Law (No.6 (I) 2000) provides, among other things, for the protection of refugees and protected persons (as defined in the Act) regardless of their ethnic origin. It sets the basic principles of treatment of asylum seekers, regulates the rights and obligations, and provides for entry and release temporary residence permit in the Republic etc. It also defines the process of recognition of refugee status and establishes the Asylum Service as a general mandate for asylum applications.

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On the issue of housing for asylum seekers, there is no specific referral system for housing. According to the Refugee Law (No.6 (I) 2000), asylum seekers have the right to reside legally and freely in the Republic of Cyprus.

In Cyprus, there is only one Reception Centre for asylum seekers, located at Kofinou. It has the capacity of approximately 400 people and it is designed for temporary accommodation up until the asylum seeker finds a more suitable and appropriate place. The maximum stay in the Center is approximately up to three months. If a resident’s application for asylum has not been completed within the designated period of the maximum stay the Social Welfare Services is responsible to assist the applicants with alternative housing arrangements.

The services offered at the reception center include provision of free meals, free shuttle services, health services as well as administrative assistance when and if necessary. Furthermore, children of families who are hosted in the center.

The right to choose a place of residence and to travel freely within the Republic.

The right to choose a place of residence and to travel freely within the Republic.


The accommodation conditions of domestic workers depend on the contract provisions of the employment which is agreed upon both parties securing accommodation.